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Weddings Limousines- Traveling In Style

When it comes to wedding transportation, nobody does it better than Smith Luxury Limousines. With our Wedding Transportation Service in Raleigh, you can be sure that those that matter will ride in style for your wedding.


A wedding day is one of the most important days in one’s life. Every aspect of the day is special because it will live in your memory forever. That is why you need special transportation services for the big day. At Smith Luxury Limousines, you will get a wide range of limousines so that you, your spouse, and your team can travel in style during your wedding day. While riding in our luxury vehicles, you can be sure that every picture you take in them will mark you as royalty.


Your comfort when using our luxury vehicles is guaranteed. You can sit back and relax because there will be no disturbance once you are inside. We work hard to provide a true escape from the world, which is exactly what you will desire come your wedding day. And you don’t have to lift a finger; Smith Luxury Limousines understand the anxiety, stress, and confusion that can come with the day. As such, they will offer chauffeur services to the wedding, reception, or anywhere in the Raleigh metro area that you would like to go. The best part, these services are also available for the wedding party, family, and friends!


Looking for ways to make the bride and groom stand out from the rest? Smith Luxury Limousines has an answer for that in the form of their limos. With us, you can sit back knowing that the vehicles available for the bride and groom will let your individual personalities shine.


The safety of the bride and groom are a priority to Smith Luxury Limousines. You won’t have to worry about rushing around or traffic delays. The chauffeurs are timely and always look for the most appropriate routes to keep up with the schedule. The driving is also professional to ensure you focus on your big day and not worry about incidents or accidents.

Attention to details

If unique is what you need, then Smith Luxury Limousines is who you are looking for. This is because they offer individualized requests and pay undivided attention to your needs. You can always discuss your wedding day schedule with them so that they can handle your transport conveniently. Moreover, their team will always suggest the plan that best suits you.

What to look out for in your wedding transportation

For starters, you have to establish who will use the various vehicles. The bride and groom would normally have different vehicles for the friends and family, and these would probably have different transportation from the rest of the people attending the wedding.

For the bridal car limousine and the groom’s limousine

Rolls Royce has immaculate options for the bride and groom’s transportation to the wedding. Rolls Royce Phantom, for instance, is lavish and has a nice interior decor that makes it comfortable yet classy. Besides its luxurious interior, the luxury car has a reputation for being an elegant choice when it comes to the bride and groom’s transport.

If you are looking for the traditional and timeless feel, however, consider the Rolls Royce Ghost, whose classic interior assures you of comfort.

To enjoy a balanced blend of quality and tradition, be sure to ride in the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. The car combines luxury with classic attributes to deliver an unmatched style. With any of these cars, you will also have a chance to capture good photographs for the wedding.

Chrysler 300C Limo is also a popular choice because it gives the brides and grooms a feel of royalty. If you desire a car with lots of space, then consider a limousine for your transportation.

We have many sedans available for you too. For instance, you could ride in the Cadillac to enjoy elegance and comfort.

For family and friends

If you desire to make travel plans for your wedding entourage (bridesmaids and groomsmen), we have spacious vehicles for you. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter series, for instance, offers space and infotainment features to entertain your accompaniments.

For huge families, consider using our minibuses or luxury coach limo buses. These will accommodate large groups and plenty of luggage. For example, the 28-passenger Ford, E-450 Minibus can easily carry family members and friends.

Why Smith Luxury Limousines?

  • We can accommodate any request that you make
  • We do everything we can to make your wedding memorable
  • We value your satisfaction

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