Hiring a Glamorous Wedding Limo in Raleigh, NC

Summer is coming and the season of weddings is about to begin! This year’s weddings are going to be epic. While people are beginning to venture outside again, the weather is warming up and this summer is going to be beautiful. If you are planning a wedding for this summer, don’t forget a glamorous wedding limo to finish off your perfect day. Smith Luxury Limousines is the top provider of luxury transportation with a wedding limo perfect for every style. Here are a few of the wedding limo options Smith Luxury Limousines has to offer:

The Rolls Royce Stretch Limousine

This piece of fine art is a marvel in itself. The top of the line Rolls Royce stretch limousine is our most popular wedding limo in the lineup. With luxury in every stitch of this vehicle, you will never go wrong when you pick the Rolls Royce. This stretch has comfortable leather seating, room for you and seven others, and a sound system that will keep the excitement going from the ceremony to the after-party! Smith Luxury Limousines would like to invite you to experience the timeless luxury that is the Rolls Royce Stretch Limousine.

The Dodge Durango SUV Stretch Limousine

This brand new, sleek piece of machinery is truly a sight to behold. Step into this spacious SUV limo and witness the interior lighting, the mirrored ceiling, and the fully stocked drink bar for yourself. With room for up to 14 passengers, an entire wedding party could fit in the same vehicle with ample room for everyone. Arrive at the reception in this rolling party with the under-chassis lighting bright enough for all guests to see. If you’re ready to bring your celebration of marriage onto the road, the Dodge Durango SUV Stretch Limousine is perfect for you!

The Yukon Denali SUV Stretch Limousine

This massive vehicle has room for up to 20 passengers along with its own wet bar. The TV and sound system will allow for the party to continue while you and your bride’s maids and groom’s men are taken to the reception. The interior lighting includes lowlights under the seats and skylights overhead to create the mood you’re looking for. If your wedding is larger than life, this wedding limo is a perfect fit. Call Smith Luxury Limousines today to reserve this awe-inspiring Yukon Denali SUV Stretch Limousine.

The Lincoln MKT Stretch Limousine

This wedding limo classic is all about luxury and class. Fourteen passengers can make their way to the wedding or reception This state-of-the-art luxury Lincoln MKT Stretch Limousine is at the top of the list when it comes to picking a wedding limo. Clients go crazy over the leather seating, TV & sound system, and the incredulous interior lighting. With comfortable seating for 8 to 10 passengers and a privacy partition included, this intimately sized stretch limousine is perfect for those closest friends and family members.

Choosing a Wedding Limo

Deciding on which wedding limo is best for you should not be a huge stressor. The easiest thing to do is to think of your wedding party and how many people you will be taking with you in the vehicle. With that in mind, just think of all the extra fun you will want to celebrate with while you are on the road with your new spouse!

If you are ready to pick out your summer wedding limo, you know who to call! Smith Luxury Limousines has top-notch options with the best customer service around. Call or click today to get a quote on your dream wedding limo!


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