Picking the Perfect Limo for Prom Night

Prom night is what most high schoolers look forward to in their junior and senior year. The beautiful gowns, the handsome tuxes, and the opportunity to dance the night away make it a night to remember. Between all the shopping and planning, it would be wise to start thinking about HOW you are going to get to the venue. This is supposed to be a special night, and whether you are looking to go with a group of friends or want to keep it small with just the two of you, there are options to make the evening stand out among the rest! Smith Luxury Limousines is one of the top providers in the prom transportation industry with vehicles that will match any sort of party.

Mercedes Benz S550

Shower the night in luxury with this vehicle made for two. Enjoy the smooth ride with a comfortable leather interior and sleek design, perfect for turning heads when you and your date pull up to the entrance. You’ll definitely feel like superstars when the car door is opened. After all the dancing and laughing conclude for the night, our driver will pick you up with as much gusto as when you were dropped off.

Rolls Royce Stretch Limousine

The Rolls Royce Stretch Limousine is the epitome of luxury and class. Up to 8 of you and your friends can enjoy this vehicle on this special evening. The sound system and privacy partition are perfect for preparing to dance the night away. The drink bar is equipped with chilled water and soda along with a temperature-controlled cabin to keep things comfortable. As you roll up to the prom entrance, you will officially experience the Rolls Royce timeless luxury.

Dodge Durango SUV Stretch Limo

This upgraded piece of machinery is a sight to behold. The Dodge Durango SUV Stretch Limo is large enough to have 14 passengers, so it is literally a rolling party! Interior lighting and an upgraded sound system allow for all the passengers to find their “dancing-groove” before showing up to the prom. Mirrored ceilings and under-car lighting are just a few more reasons this stretch limo is perfect for rolling up to the prom. Make a huge impression on your peers as they see the star-studded vehicle approach the venue. Trust us, they will DEFINITELY wish they were invited to the stretch limo party.

Yukon Denali SUV Stretch Limousine

As a prom favorite, this Yukon Denali SUV Stretch Limo has room for up to 20 passengers! The TV and sound system are the perfect pairing for music videos and dancing on your way to the main event. The multicolored interior lighting creates the perfect ambiance mix of excitement and energy.

Limousine Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Although smaller than the stretch limos, our limousine Mercedes Benz Sprinter still packs a punch! With room for up to 13 passengers, the limo sprinter is just right for you and your group of friends. This vehicle is loaded with all the party items you need and more – interior lighting, surround sound, TV screen, and so much more! You can never go wrong with our Mercedes Benz Limo Sprinter.

For the Parents

We realize that one of the biggest decisions, when prom rolls around, is whether or not to send your high schooler to the event or drive them. Our core values are based on keeping our passengers and drivers safe, and this includes making sure your child gets home safely at the end of the night. When your child is looking for a Limo for Prom, keep Smith Luxury Limousines in mind. That way you can be sure that your child is in professional, safe hands. Wondering why they need a limo for prom? Check out our article with the reasons a limo is perfect for prom.

We know you are ready! Give us a call today to reserve your limo for prom. You won’t regret a thing.

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