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Rolls Royce Stretch Limo This is a luxury option that can hold up to 8 passengers. Smith Lux Limos is in the business of giving

Rolls Royce Stretch Limo

This is a luxury option that can hold up to 8 passengers. Smith Lux Limos is in the business of giving you the best services in the industry with professionals who understand the directions of the surrounding area. We offer you only the most amazing vehicles that meet your needs and this Rolls Royce Stretch limo over-delivers with a drink bar and a stylish exterior. You will definitely make a good impression when using this limo and it will be perfect for any bachelorette party. There is great privacy when you choose this model and leather seats that are comfortable for the long term. This is an excellent option to consider because it is highly spacious and helps to accommodate big parties for a fun ride. They are exceptionally good at getting you to the destination with style and finesse!

Dodge Durango Stretch SUV

This is yet another highly impressive party limo that can hold up to 14 passengers and is perfect for a bachelorette party that will be memorable. You will share a great time with friends in the Dodge Durango Stretch SUV with amazing interior lighting that makes things look fantastic and otherworldly. This is the way to cruise around town in style and you will enjoy a night that will stick with you for a lifetime. They are exceptionally good at smooth driving and following directions. This vehicle is one of the best in the industry and it will get you to the destination with ease and comfort overall. There is a nice TV with a sound system so you can stay entertained with good movies or shows while sipping on your favorite beverage. You’ll never have to worry about a bumpy ride when taking Smith Lux Limos. The highest level of consideration is taken to ensure each of these stretch limos is effectively serviced and meticulously inspected before hitting the road. This guarantees you an optimal experience that keeps you engaged and inspired. You need a reliable limo service for your party and they will be happy to meet your needs with excellent services!

Yukon Denali

If you have an exceptionally large party then you might want to consider the Yukon Denali which has been touted as one of the most viable options on the market. We are proud to offer you this incredible stretch limo selection. You will be able to seat up to 20 passengers and this is perfect for a bachelorette party. This is truly a remarkable experience to behold because it is so spacious you won’t believe it. You can literally take the party with you anywhere and this is fun because we are flexible in where you go. There might be a string of clubs or shops you want to visit and this service can help you get there with ease. They specialize in making the transition to each location quick and seamless for a more fluid party experience. You will have access here to a wet bar with all the best drinks. The best part is you won’t have to think about the drinking limit because that’s no longer a concern with responsible and professional drivers. The Yukon Denali is a gorgeous Stretch limo that will get the job done and over-deliver with quality and excellence as a staple favorite!

Lincoln MKT

This is much more than just a vehicle. In fact, you will step into a piece of art when cruising in the Lincoln MKT and we are ecstatic to give you an amazing experience that transcends reality and transports you into a new world of transportation possibilities. This model can seat up to 14 passengers and has all the other accommodations including leather seats, temperature control, and an open bar. The area is highly private if you desire which means that you can enjoy secret conversations without others listening in. You may have some juicy gossip to discuss and we will give you space to do so. There is a wonderful sound system and screen so you can play any virtual games or enjoy a show or movie. The Lincoln MKT is an excellent option to choose because it will get you to your destination in style. If you’re looking for a limo with class then this is the perfect one for your bachelorette party. Everyone will be amazed at the quality and it will be a smashing hit that will ignite the night!

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